Kevin Glass at Intel

Kevin Glass

Kevin Glass was an electrical engineer at Intel with notable accomplishments.

Mr. Glass has been involved in engineering from the early 90s where he worked for the Intel Corporation and held a variety of positions as well as overseeing important developments across different Intel products and projects. Some of the positions Kevin Glass has held have been, Principal Engineer, Senior Design Manager, and Senior Member of the Technical Staff.

Kevin Glass has led developments during his time at Intel Corp from the 1990s that have influenced our current technologies. Mr. Glass oversaw Intel’s Radio Frequencies Operations project, where he worked on radio systems architecture for multimode cellular phone chipsets. The radio frequencies operations project was eventually awarded a fast track patent for its innovative design. During this time, Mr. Glass was also a member of the Wireless Communications and Computing Group (WCCG) and technical reviewer for the Design and Test Technology Conference (DTTC) and a panelist for the 2003 GaAs IC (now known as CSICS) symposium.

As part of a team working on Intel’s Optical Network Group, Mr. Glass contributed to the design of 40Gbit InP HBT distributed amplifier laser modulator driver for which 1 patent was issued. Because of his work, Kevin Glass was invited to present a paper on the chip developed, which was issued 3 patents, at the International Conference on Computer Design in 2003. The paper was titled, “Fully Differential Receiver Chipset for 40 Gb/s Applications using InP/InGaAs Single Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors” and had measured lab results. Mr. Glass was also a key member of the team specifying Intel’s 90nm SiGe BiCMOS process and he developed 40G test vehicles and structures.

Although Kevin Glass Intel is a highly accomplished engineer, when he is not focusing his efforts on getting to the forefront of integrated circuitry design, he enjoys off-roading on his four wheel drive vehicle, bike riding, trout fishing, saltwater fishing, and jamming out on his bass or acoustic guitars.

Projects and products that Kevin has been involved with include, Radio Frequencies Operations, Optical Network Group, Photonics Technology Operation, Microprocessor Products Group and SPG Technical Capabilities and Competencies Group. As evidence of his knowledge and experience as an engineer, these have been projects that have been lauded as innovative and have demonstrated the capabilities of the company. Kevin’s involvement with the Photonics Technology Operations project, for example, put him in the position where he evaluated the technology and establish relations with Intel teams working outside of the United States.

Kevin was also a major contributor to the Microprocessor Products Group. Kevin coordinated, planned and technically supported the micro-architechture, logic, circuit design and layout for Intel’s Itanium 64bit microprocessor – which was a result of a joint effort by HP and Intel. Kevin was involved in multiple generations of the Itanium microprocessor, bringing it to compete in the high-end server market. As a key member of the Circuit Management Review Committee, Physical MRC, and timing task force, Kevin made major contributions to the definition and implementation of the methodology behind the circuit design of Itanium.